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Where do I start? This is probably the most common question I get and the one that every professional has a different answer for. I am here to tell you the first 2 steps in the home buying process that are crucial to ensuring you have the best experience possible!

Sit Down with a Realtor

Your do not have to hire the first Realtor you sit down with, but you do need to hire someone you feel comfortable with. The Realtor should establish a rapport with you in that first meeting, they should give you all the information you need to start the process, and walk you through the way they conduct their business. But this is not the only reason why this step is so crucial. It is a Realtors job to be plugged into their respective marketplace, so they will be able to give you the most realistic idea as to what you can expect to get for your budget. In doing this they are helping you to establish your expectations in what service you would receive in choosing them, but also in just how likely it is for you to get everything on your home criteria checklist. A Realtor should also be able to give you recommendations on lenders, and be able to explain your options moving forward. 

Obtaining your Pre-Qualification 

Walking into a home without a pre qualification does nothing but set you up for disappointment, and set you up to potentially reach beyond your most comfortable budget. It is very easy to pigeon hole yourself in this process and get hooked on one particular home. Your Realtor should take precaution to ensure you do not make this devastating mistake. Once you know your buying power, you can back into your ideal monthly payment, then have your total budget. Your Realtor and Lender should work together to help you understand these numbers and how they all work for you. 

These first two steps can really impact the entire experience, so it is important to know what they are and to follow them. You can easily remember these by remembering Realtor first... because if you've chosen wisely, you're Realtor will guide you through everything else. 

Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The #AskJulieC Real Estate Show. Do you have questions about relocating, and starting the process of buying a home? Message me on Facebook, I am pretty sure I am still the only Julie Calza on there and you don't have to be in Arizona for me to help you.