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I am here to bring you The #AskJulieC Real Estate Show BLOG. This is very exciting for me as it has been long in the depths of my desire to help military members use their VA Loan to buy a home, so when my team and I were able to develop this site I couldn't wait to get to the valuable content you can look forward to this season. But before we get to that I want you to know me, and why we are here.

Hi guys, my name is Julie Calza and I have a weakness for Macaroni and Cheese. Oh, wait- this isn't cheesy carbs anonymous... oops... let's try this again.. Hey all! My name is Julie Calza and I am a Realtor here in the Phoenix Metro primarily serving the area surrounding Luke Air Force Base. Today we are going to talk about why we are kicking off the Pilot episode of The #AskJulieC Real Estate Show; to put it simply, it's because I KNOW MOVING! 

After serving in the United States Marine Corps, I could account for living in 5 different States along with my stints in others and widespread travels. Once I got out, I even swore off the military lifestyle saying "I will not do this anymore!". Obviously I missed it, albeit subconsciously, because I then married myself a Crew Chief in the United States Air Force... WHA...? 

Between the two of us we can account for 13 in-country moves, countless TDYs, 4 overseas moves, and a dozen years combined military experience. Bear with me while I pump the brakes here for a moment... I am not telling you about these experiences to claim hardship, I know there are plenty of families out there who have endured far more. I am sharing this with you because this show is a culmination of those experiences, it's from the heart of someone who wants to make your move easier. I am sharing this with you because I am a military home buyer, so who better to help military home buyers?

My goal this season is to focus on providing you with valuable content on the home-buying process, moving tips, market facts, and healthy financial habits. I have used the VA Loan to buy a home near Luke Air Force Base, and I have helped dozens of families do the same thing. One of my favorite stories is the couple who were 20 and 21-years old whom I helped purchase their SECOND home! You are not too young to get started! Schools don't teach this stuff, the military doesn't even teach you how to use your own benefits, and millennials don't even know what they're capable of.

I am going to empower you to take control over your finances, and feel confident in the investment of owning Real Property. Real Estate is, in fact, the only commodity that no one can make anymore of, and it's the quickest way to make money, thereby building long term wealth. 

Thank you for stopping by, please look around - I am sure you will find more value just around the corner. 

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