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There is so much excitement in the air once you get to actually seeing homes. This phase of the process is called going on "showings". There are tons of things to consider in this phase. But there are some you may not have thought of because it's easy to pigeon-hole yourself by only evaluating the specific criteria you are after. There are four important things to consider when you enter a neighborhood to view homes with your Realtor. 

1) The Positioning of the Neighborhood

This is a factor that may seem obvious, but many home buyers (even seasoned ones) do not consider. How easy is it for you to get to that home within the neighborhood? Do you feel like Maze Runner overcoming obstacles to get there? Are there amenities nearby? It's not my intent to shy you away form homes positioned deep within neighborhoods. You just need to be aware of how these factors are going to affect your day to day life. 

2) The Curb Appeal of the House

This factor may matter more to some people than others. What is your first reaction when pulling up to that home? Some Realtors don't believe in "that feeling", and I don't ever expect my clients to imprint on a home the first time they see it... but you need to at least like the way it looks from the street. Remember, you are the ones who will be driving up to it everyday, likely multiple times a day... so be sure you actually like the way it looks. Furthermore, curb appeal is an important factor to consider in resale. Most people are not automatically thinking resale when they purchase a home but this factor cannot be overlooked, as curb appeal can weigh heavily in a persons decision to actually enter the home. 

3) Consider Neighborhood Amenities 

Do not immediately dismiss an HOA due to its' cost on the basis that you won't actually use the amenities the HOA maintains. Amenities like parks, common areas, and even sidewalks are all maintained by HOAs in most neighborhoods. All of these amenities attract buyers, and make the neighborhood more desirable. So even if you won't be using that splashed, its' existence may attract more buyers to your home once it comes time for you to move. 

4) Spacing of the Homes 

Some buyers immediately dismiss planned communities because they believe the homes will be too close together. Every community is different, so be aware of spacing as you drive through neighborhoods, and even in different parts of subdivisions. Not every lot is created equal, so you may eliminate your dream home simply by being close minded.

These have been 4 factors to consider when you begin seeing homes with your Realtor. Everyone will have a checklist with different wants and needs, but common factors must also play an important part in the consideration process. 

Do you have any questions about what to look out for when you do showings? Or do you have questions about the VA Home Buying Process? Message me on Facebook today, I am still the only Julie Calza on there. You can also use the hashtag #AskJulieC on Facebook and Twitter and I will sift through your questions that way.

Thanks again for tuning in and we will see you next time!