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Many people wonder what the average cost of owning a pool in the desert is. State studies show the average cost is between $185-$245 monthly. But a lot of this is dependent on usage, time of year, and whether you maintain the pool on your own or not. So come along, let us examine this together :)

Believe it or not the costs of chemicals can outweigh the cost of a pool service which includes chemicals and weekly cleaning. So when you have decided to own a pool it is definitely worth getting quotes, and evaluating the benefits, of having a pool service come to your home. 

Also, keep in mind that these averages were determined by taking cost of a years worth of chemicals, basic equipment, maintenance, electric usage, etc - then dividing by 12 (months). So these averages take into account larger one-time expenditures, like a yearly acid wash. Don't take these numbers to heart in terms of counting it as a monthly bill in your budget.

A pool is a lifestyle choice, it is definitely a luxury here in the desert, and a feature that causes homes to fly off the shelf. Appraisers average between $12,000-$15,000 added value on a homes worth if it has a pool. So you will likely get less house in your budget in order to accommodate the feature.

To Pool, Or Not To Pool is a dilemma only you and your family can determine an answer to... Just be sure to weigh all the variables.