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We are starting our ABC's of the PCS in order to enable you to PCS with less stress. We are hitting the ground running with our A for Alpha tips to help you get you through this challenging military lifestyle staple. 

Get in Touch with a Realtor Early

Our first A for Alpha tip is to get in touch with a realtor early. If you're coming to Luke Air Force base, get in touch with my team. We're the only team that services Luke Air Force base that offers everything real estate, from renting, to buying, to building and more. The minutes those orders get cut, get in touch! If you're not coming to Luke Air Force Base, that's fine. Get in touch with a realtor that services the base you're going to that specializes in the VA loan. I have a network of agents all over the country that I could help connect you to, should you need help in that area. The most important part of this tip is get in touch early. 

Be Prepared to Line Up Housing

The second A for Alpha tip we're going to go over today is be prepared to line up housing. Housing is the most stressful part of the PCS. Make sure you start considering your timeline early. Are you ok with staying in TLF? How long are you willing to stay in a hotel, or TLF, before you close on a home or before you can move into a rental? These are questions that should be circulating in your head. With my team, there's a program for anything you can imagine and any timeline that may work for you. But, depending on who you're working with, that might change. They may have certain recommendations or have certain limitations on what they can offer. Be in touch with someone early, like we said in the first tip, and start to really consider that timeline. For example, would you want to close on a home before you arrive? Would you close within the first 10 days after your arrival? These are all questions you should be considering. If you're renting, the market is super competitive, don't wait until you get here. You will be stuck in TLF for a long time, and you will have to start paying out of pocket for that. This is why who you work with really matters. So, pick a realtor early on and make sure they're the right fit for your needs. 

Book TLF

The third A for Alpha tip today is book TLF as early as you possibly can. I'm not positive how other bases are right now but I know that at Luke Air Force Base the limitations on what is available for TLF are crazy. There are hardly any rooms available and with such a high volume of people PCSing in and out, they get snatched up very quickly. If you want to take advantage of TLF, call as soon as you get your orders and see if you can book. Know that you can stay off base, but for reimbursement purposes make sure you get a non-availability letter from the TLF, that way once the active duty member processes into the base you don't have to worry about reimbursement. 

I am thrilled to be bringing you these ABC tips to help you PCS with less stress. Share your favorite PCS tip, trick, or story in the comments below. I'd be excited to hear it and I’m sure there are multiple military families that would benefit from your experience as well. 

Thanks for tuning in to the #AskJulieC Real Estate Show, your source for everything relocation. Do you have questions about PCSing to Luke, or any other base, or questions about the home buying process? Message me today, I'd be happy to help you!