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The prospect of selling your home is a daunting one, and one that can certainly make the most avid of researchers cringe in frustration due to the lack of resources available to you in where to start, how to begin, and what to expect. This little guide is definitely the short, and to the point version of the information you’re looking for. For more in depth analysis, personalized to your needs – contact me, my info is at the end of this episode. 


The most important thing to realize when selling your home is that when listed, your home becomes a product for sale. So just like for a t-shirt in a store, or even a vehicle at car dealership; you want your home shown clean, tidy, and in good light. Do not hire an agent who does not include professional photography and cannot provide samples of their listing copy. 98% of homeowners begin their search online, so displaying vivid, quality images, with attractive wording is important. You’ve all seen listings online with the dark cell phone photos, with the dog on the bed, or someone sitting at the dining table – they likely didn’t compel you, and statistically speaking they definitely don’t compel the masses to visit.


Don’t be afraid to ask the important questions: What are your average days on market? What would your past sellers say about you specifically? Have you been responsible for your own sales, or do you work on someone else’s team? When I hire * agent name * what do I get? Whydo you charge that amount? How did you determine what you charge?


When choosing an agent, you are not only choosing your representation, you’re choosing who will represent your home. If the Realtor does not actually believe in the product they’re selling, and aren’t enthusiastic about helping guide you in preparing for the best outcome, that’s a good representation of how they will approach the listing. 


Also, you want your agent to take the time to understand your personal goals and to bring solutions to the table you may not have known were options. More than likely, if you’re tuning in there are unique military related circumstances to your move – no certification can prepare a civilian in helping you with these differences, so consider someone who has been through the same thing themselves.


Once you’ve decided on who to hire make sure your expectations are in the right place. Impatience on your part, does not equate an agent not doing their job – don’t punish someone else for your need of instant gratification. Because this process does take some time, and some discomfort. We will delve deeper into this on the next 1 -2 Guide to Selling You Home! 


Thank you for tuning in to this #AskJulieC special, and thank you for reviewing the show notes! Contact me TODAY if you need to list your home near Luke AFB or want a real pro in your corner in the U.S.