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In this episode, we’re going to go over three myths about the home buying process that you need to stop believing today!

Myth #1:

The first myth about the home buying process that you need to stop believing today, is that you need 20% down to put towards a house. Stop waiting years and years and years to get that 20%. I'm not just talking to my military here, as much as I love the VA loan package, it's not the only one out there. Civilians can also get into a home with $0 down or very little down, and these loan programs are designed in away that the most average credit can qualify. There not there for the only the people at the high, high, high credit thresholds. So it's really a unique scenario, but make sure that your Realtor is really familiar with these programs because each one is very different and one may be a better fit for you than another. Civil servants, like first responders and teachers are even eligible for more grant money. This makes it really easy and a really great time to get into a home at a great investment, especially if your not the one having to put down that down payment. 

Myth #2:

The second biggest home buying myth that you need to stop believing today, is that you have to have stellar credit to buy a house. Many people buy homes on credit repair programs. Yes, you do need to have credit and there has to be some level of worthiness, but I guarantee you the credit number or the credit threshold that you need to meet is lower than you think. So stop waiting because your afraid of what the answer will be, you'd likely be surprised. 

Myth #3:

The third biggest home buying myth that you need to stop believing today is that is that the first step in the home buying process is to start looking at homes. I know once you start playing with the idea of buying a home, the first thing you do, or you're tempted to do, is to hop on Zillow or Trulia or one of those other sites and start browsing away. But the thing about it is, your not only setting yourself for disappointment, but your also setting yourself up to spend more money than you need to. The reason for this is, it's very important to know your buying power before you even start looking at homes. But not only that, you don't want to get stuck on one particular property, because you may end up spending more than what your comfortable with because you've pigeonholed yourself on that one property. The best first step you can do for yourself, and your wallet is to meet with a realtor first. Not only can they help you get a pre qualification, but they can go over how realistic all the features and all the things that you want are in the current market place ,meaning they can go over with you wether you can reasonably expect to get that exact home that your looking for in your budget. Then they can start going over the give and take part like, oh well, your willing to give this in order to have this. 

These have been the Top 3 Myths that you need to stop believing today about the home buying process. Thanks for tuning in, if you have any questions for me or any ideas for future episodes send me a message on facebook I'm still the only Julie Calza on there that I'm aware of or you can use the hashtag askjuliec on facebook or twitter and and I'll sift through your questions that way. Thanks again for tuning in and we'll see you next time.