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In this special episode, we not only bring the season to a close but we also say farewell to 2016. Also included are some facts about 2017 you’ll want to know! 

The year 2016 was a rollercoaster of a year for many, but one thing it wasn’t - was a roller-coaster of a year for real estate. 2016 provided one of the most stable and stellar years for real estate since the bubble burst. In fact, statisticians and economists have already evaluated the data from 2016 and based on the current trajectory the Phoenix Metropolitan area is set to become the number one real estate market in the country in 2017.  That’s right, the areas around Luke Air Force Base are set to become the highest in growth in the country!

What that means for those of you who already own your home is buckle up! You’re going to see some awesome equity built this year in your investment. For the rest of you, this means it’s time to get off that proverbial fence and set yourself and your family up for an awesome future.

Real estate is, and always will be, one of the best ways to secure long term wealth. Self-made millionaires everywhere claim that they wouldn’t be where they are if it hadn’t been for real estate and investing in homes early on. So, let’s work to get you on track this year. Even if you’re not in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, areas all over the country are seeing this kind of growth; especially near military installations. So, don’t worry, like I’ve helped tons of you this past year, I can help you get hooked up with a Realtor in your area.

It was a blast bringing you this show this season and wrapping up the year with you this way. I’m so pleased to announce that because of your viewership and your feedback we are able to commit to doing a full Season 2 of the show.

Thank you again to all of you who have watched the show. The goal is to provide you solid information on all things Real Estate and to answer YOUR questions. 

Also, a special thank you to each one of you who trusted me with such important moments in your lives. I am proud to have refined programs that put clients’ needs first and provide such unbeatable, elevated client experiences- oh and that save consumers THOUSANDS! 

Do you have any questions? You can use the hashtag #AskJulieC on Facebook, or send me a private message. The time is now!